F3O: Organization for independent Foundations Research

F3O is the Society of workers in the field of research of existing (wooden) foundations and all those to whom it may concern that research work on foundations is carried out thoroughly and correctly. F3Oís goal is to safeguard and improve the quality of research concerning foundations in the Netherlands. The tools to obtain this are the increase and sharing of our knowledge.
Two F3O Directives have been issued, dealing with execution of foundations research and assessment of the state of foundations, viz., one with respect to wooden pile foundations and one with respect to foundations on firm substrata. These Directives were published in cooperation with CURNET and SBR. Both can be downloaded from the F3O website. Each year, a two-day course is presented where all aspects connected with assessment of the state and expected life span of old foundations are taught.
The annual F3O meeting named Nationale Houten Heipalendag [Wooden Pile Meeting] is held every January at an interesting site, where knowledge can be shared and people from this field of work meet one another. Attendance is free of charge and the meeting usually draws some 150 workers. All presentations of past meetings can be downloaded from the website.
Each year, an excursion to a building resting on wooden piles is organized and íspecial casesí like the Scheepvaartmuseum [Shipping Museum], the spire of Kampen Church and the Waag building in Amsterdam are investigated.